Top Free Android and PC Game Boosters

Gaming is a resource eater on PCs and smartphones. With the best game boosters, you can get even more performance out of the same hardware.Smartphones and computers treat games as simple activities, even if they need more system resources. Lack of optimization can slow down even a capable device’s gameplay. Best Game Boosters boost your smartphone or computer’s gaming performance.

Game Booster

Game boosters optimize system resources for lag-free gaming. Even if a game runs nicely, a booster will increase its performance. Some boosters increase your network connection, while others give games more RAM; all raise your device’s performance.

What are PC game boosters?

Memory-freeing PC game boosters improve performance. Some software optimizes game settings for the hardware. There are several difficult-to-terminate PC background apps. Best Game Boosters close unneeded programs and processes before gameplay. They prevent notifications so you can focus on the game.


Best Free Game Booster For Android is well-known in the gaming scene for its laptops, RGB lighting, and mobile phones. Razer Cortex game booster optimizes your PC for gaming. Game Booster prevents unnecessary background operations from freeing up game memory.

Cortex’s micromanagement of Windows and non-essential programs increase frame rates. It uses a two-core mode that inhibits CPU sleep and boosts core performance. The in-game FPS counter lets you track your performance.

It’s one of the best Android and PC game boosters. Razer Cortex automatically activates when a game is launched, so you don’t need to activate it manually. You may also optimize Valorant, Fortnite, and other games. This most excellent game booster for mobile legends boosts any game. However, its effect is different in some games.

Booster Game

It’s among the best Android and PC game boosters. Wise Cleaner’s entire product line is PC-centric, but the Wise Game Booster is great for gamers. This straightforward procedure improves the system and clears memory to enhance gaming. Wise’s System Stabilizer prevents your PC from becoming unstable after Game Booster optimization.

Wise optimizes your favorite games automatically when they’re loaded. Wise has an excellent optimization system that removes superfluous programs and manual optimization options. Wise Game Booster offers suggestions if you choose the manual configuration.

Relax! If you have troubles after discontinuing a vital system operation, you can restore your PC. Wise Game Booster’s backup option acts like an Undo button if you ruin manually optimizing your PC.


VPNs are well-known (Virtual Private networks). VPNs disguise your IP address, which is vital for network security, but they don’t boost network speed. WTFast created a GPN to combat VPN network lag (Gamers Private Network). One of the best Android and PC game boosters. This Android game booster’s GPN doesn’t mask your IP address or slow down your connection; it reroutes your data in the shortest method. Using the fastest route improves online multiplayer server response times and ping. WTFast lets you choose your data path. 

WTFast’s GPN reduces server latency in FPS shooters so you can kill enemies before they see you. GPN can monitor your network connection utilizing real-time ping, connection speed, and server route.WTFast lets you play Swords of Legends, Madden NFL 22, F1 2021, and more.


Best Game Boosters for 2022? This top game booster 4x faster offers increased customization options and a high win rate for League of Legends. This game booster app lets you choose Champions and Roles before handing over your account. This feature keeps your account personal when using a booster.

GG Boost assigns local boosters to protect your account. All account information is encrypted using modern encryption algorithms. Boosters also disable conversation while playing on your account, appearing offline to your pals.GG Boost is 87% successful. It’s easy to buy, and the platform’s live customer assistance is available 24/7, so you can feel safe moving your account. The multitasking dashboard offers reasonable query resolutions and chat.